i’m busy looking for easter eggs

March 29th, 2010 | batsandbows

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  1. lina says:

    you really need to stop looking sooo gorgeous. ;^)
    did you find any easter eggs?

    how’s your shoulder and how’s work?
    funny thing is… since yesterday my right shoulder hurts too. :^(

    miss you. xoxo

    • batsandbows says:

      Aw i did! I was the luckiest easter girl this year. Silver got me two eggs, one with sweets and one with a dinosaur pen, haha, i love him! Then my munny made the easter bunny go all the way the land of the sun where i found a Ferrero Rocher egg hidden in the garden <3

      Did you find any eggs? xo

      • lina says:

        awww, that is sooo cool! :^)
        no, i didn’t find any because i was sick lying in bed but i did get some! hihi.

        • batsandbows says:

          awh no! that sucks! come here, ill make you some fresh squeezed orange juice and green tea! Bring your own Mozart cup, i only have one ahah ^^


          • lina says:

            ahahahaha… that would be great! i don’t have a mozart cup but i have a hello kitty cup somewhere. perhaps i’ll bring that! ;^)
            but i am already feeling better. went to the cinema tonight and watched clash of the titans and now i am home feeling exhausted. haven’t been out that long in a week, i think. only to the pharmacy or grocery store and back.
            i think my body is broken. i need a new one. my shoulder still hurts and since this morning my neck hurts as well. grrr. :^(

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