concealer and collar bones

November 28th, 2010 | batsandbows

first photo: model: Rino Endgal
second photo: batsandbows by Rino Engal

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  1. lina says:

    what?! that’s rino in the first photo??? omg… make-up can do wonders… haha ;-)
    i would have never guessed it was him… amazing!

    oh… and you look really boy-ish… without the eyeliner you could totally go as a boy. hehe

    • batsandbows says:

      Awesome, its all about attitude, energy and make up/hair.
      He does look quite amazing in that photo – a makeup school friend of his did his drag makeup for an exam. I hope she got good grades cos it’s brilliant.

      And yeah, trying to pull off the masculine attitude was way more challenging than i thought, so im glad you think i did in this pic. Perhaps i get a role in The L Word after this :P

    • lina says:

      i am quite sure she got good grades… :-)

      ahahaha… you’d be the new and better shane. LOL i can totally picture you in that tv show. hahahaha

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