gluten grain and seamless spikes

August 18th, 2011 | batsandbows

christina agnæss theartofbatsandbows by rino engdal

i love you

3 Responses to “gluten grain and seamless spikes”

  1. lina says:

    i’m feeding you with lots of grilled cheese sandwiches and commenting on your blog posts while you stand in my walk-in closet blow drying your hair. hahahaha

    • batsandbows says:

      ahhh so this is why you were all secretly smiling as i asked you what you were up to^^

      those toasts were awesome! i just ate 2 stullen mit geflügelsalami and cheese^^ yum!
      turns out i kiiiinda took 1 pack of my cheese and stole your cheese as the second pack, oops!

      • lina says:

        i told you i have to be watched 24/7… otherwise i do lots of “silly” things. haha

        ahahahaha… so you’re a cheese thief now. that’s nice. just kidding. it’s okay. i didn’t even notice. ;-)
        do you want me to send you your cheese? i could put it in the middle of lots of cold chocolate soy milk. how does that sound? :-D

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