shell. shadow.

October 10th, 2011 | batsandbows

we live in patterns of threads that pull on eachother. remove one, and you might get a hole. destroy several, and you might not have a fabric anymore. sure, you say, what i draw is obvious. look at the fabric though, its part pretty, part ugly. the linen threads amongst the leather braids, it sure is tempting to let leather be left behind. oh see how the linen matches itself and does it all right! only to swallow the blandness, the dullness and porosity of the cleaned up view. her conistency that threw carbonic acid through your veins has bled out, and curls up in tamed obliteration.

the washed out cloth is stitching leather back in now.

photo/text/model: christina agnæss // theartofbatsandbows

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