rivet figures in melting water

December 28th, 2011 | batsandbows

christina agnæss // theartofbatsandbows

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  1. lina says:

    i am so sick of winter. can’t wait for spring to arrive. :-)
    how cold is it in oslo at the moment?
    it hasn’t even snowed in vienna yet and this year is almost over.

    • batsandbows says:

      3+ and shitty rain. we had snow on new years eve though, pics will come :) now its all melting and getting really slippery, face plant time^^

      January and February, then spring is coming, so just get through those two months and things will get warmer. There can be cool photo settings with the winter light though, see it from that angle and bring your camera out for some cold pics! :)

    • lina says:

      ah, new year’s photos… i haven’t even had time to load them on my computer. :-D
      i was so busy… and i think i hurt my back again. silly me. taking the pills the doctor gave me to prevent any more pain. crossing my fingers that it’s not as bad as the last time.
      yeah, and i know and by the end of march i’ll be in thailand. at least something to look forward to. ;-)

      • batsandbows says:

        no way. WHAT did you do to your back this time?!?!!
        yeah, im excited for you getting to go to thailand again! you better bring your camera and document it all for me to see :D

        • lina says:

          i told you about my visit to ikea and that i bought a new bookshelf, right? well, i re-arranged some stuff in my room too and in the act of re-arranging it somehow happened. but it’s not as bad as the last time… and the pain is not even half is bad.
          i am planning on bringing more than 1 camera. haha — don’t worry, there will be a million of photos. i promise. ;-)

          • batsandbows says:

            awesome!!! but omg haha you clumsy sweetheart. next time get one of those handymen at IKEA to come home with you and keep you from self harming!!^^

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