livet leker

July 22nd, 2010 | batsandbows

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  1. lina says:

    OMG! i am officially scared… i was just thinking about you and suddenly i got an email notification about your new blog post. weird!!! haha. ;-)
    can you read my mind??? o.O

    btw you look gorgeous as always. :-)

  2. batsandbows says:

    thats awesome. i love bonds like that! <3 :)
    thank you sweetie!
    what where you thinking?^^

  3. lina says:

    yeah, me too! it was just kind of creepy because it was really just seconds after i finished my thoughts!
    i was wondering how you are and what you’ve been up to the last couple of days since you’re on holiday. :-)

    • batsandbows says:

      ive had some amazing days so far, i feel alive! Reinventing my apartment, been with my highly loved friends, driving in the car with the windows down listening to my fav songs:) Ive even been hiking in the forest!

      you? :)

    • lina says:

      sounds really nice and fun!
      hope you’re going to make a blog with photos of your hiking trip! :-)
      i haven’t been doing anything special lately. i was babysitting yesterday and today. it was really exhausting. it’s really hard to entertain a 3 and 5 year old.
      oh, and i went to see eclipse but you know that already.
      tomorrow i have to do the laundry and i decided to hide somewhere where it’s cooler than outside. ;-)

      • batsandbows says:

        some photos were taken, with forest blue berries all over, im gonna se if i can have the pics sent to me.

        oh and i wanna know how you kept both kids amused, how did you do that?

        yeah, i know about eclipse, but just keep talking about it, jaspers still haunting my mind^^

        wheres your cool hiding spot? my balcony? its really cold here tonight! xo

      • lina says:

        i really hope you’ll get the photos soon!

        ahahaha… i’ve nooo idea… i hate to babysit kids at that age because they’re really difficult to entertain. i blow up their mini pool and put it in the garden, played ball with them, painted a bit… but painting wasn’t a good idea… they made such a mess and i read to them. it was okay and fun but really exhausting.

        oh yeah, well… we have to hunt jasper down and make him fall in love with you. hehe. ;-)

        i wish you would have told me about your balcony before. actually, i didn’t have much time to hide. had some errands to run in the morning and came back in the afternoon and then i did the laundry.


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