January 11th, 2011 | batsandbows

places i’ve been, moments i’ve seen, memories within.

i quit drinking

and smoking

xoxo batsandbows


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  1. lina says:

    haha… did you really take a photo of your telly in your hotel room in vienna??? o.O
    what??? you quit smoking? i wish i could too but at the moment i simply can’t. i’m weak.

    • batsandbows says:

      haha, i list up all these brilliant photos, and the only one who gets commented is the tv-pic i took while sipping beer in my “high class VIP-room” in Vienna^^ I don’t remember why i took it, but it sure brings back that moment in time as we watched tv and sipped the bottles we bought at the train station mini-market! :)

      yeah i quit smoking. I’m done using my body as a badly treated transportation object for my brain. I want to feel like im alive and not numb myself. I do miss the cigarettes every now and then though, its not a without challenges!

    • lina says:

      sorry, but since you were in vienna to visit me it was kind of obvious i was going to comment that one, wasn’t it??? ;-p

      and you know how much i love your photos. especially the second one. love the lipstick you’re wearing. looks amazing with the dark hair.

      i don’t know if i could ever quit smoking for good. every now and then i simply need a cigarette. especially in stress situations. as long as i don’t smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day i am happy. ;-)

      • batsandbows says:

        I thought it was really nice how you understood what tv it was right away! :) It’s been almost a year now and i think its about time i start planning on coming back for a weekend, the sushi place needs a visit from us again!

        I can totally understand what you mean with the stress+cigarette situation, its what i used to do too. And i still feel like having one when i get stressed, but it doesnt really solve anything, you know what i mean?

      • lina says:

        yeah… but just because the orf1 logo is on the screen. haha
        true… it’s been almost a year. you should definitely come again soon. BUT i still think it would be more fun in spring because it’s not that cold then and we can do more stuff outside. ;-)

        true… a cigarette doesn’t solve problems but it always helps me to calm down and that’s helping a lot. hehe

    • Marius says:

      Try the book ” Stop smoking” by allen Carr.
      I’ll be quitting these days myself, and its really helpful=)

      Btw, skjønner ikke hvor du får alt fra Chrissy, men, som alltid, dritkule bilder :D

      • batsandbows says:

        Our mind is stronger than we think, Marius. If we really WANT to quit, then we can quit smoking right away and never touch a cigarette again. No book. No hypnose. No courses.

        But if we seek for reasons to convince ourselves that we should quit, the process will be long and weary. I hope the book works for you, ive heard many compliment it! :)

        Tusen takk for ros, det betyr mye. Jeg aner ikke hvor det kommer fra jeg heller. Somewhere within.


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